Is WiFi Beneficial?

Many of us become anxious when we are separated from our smartphones. When we do have our iPhones or Androids in our hands, we can be fixated on our screens.Like many things, the internet and all that it allows us to access can become either a distraction or a blessing.It really depends on what we do with it. In  Proverbs we read, "A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash" (Proverbs 15:14).

Applying the wisdom of God's Word to life, we can ask ourselves: Do we check our social networks compulsively throughout the day? What exactly does that say about the things we hunger for? And do the things we read or view online encourage sensible living(Proverbs 15:16-21), or are we feeding on trash, gossip,slander, materialism, or sexual impurity? People take advantage of the usage of WiFi, and have little to no social interaction verbally. Public hot spots are limited because of the us used by other people around us. I would speculate that eventually, WiFi will effect humans health. Bullying has resulted in the use of WiFi over various social media websites. There appears to be a strong move toward wanting to be on the internet more than to go outside, or do any activities other than something virtually

As we yield to the work of the Holy Spirit, we can fill our minds with things that are "true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable" (Philippians 48). By God's wisdom we can make good choices that honor God.

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