How do you get kids to do something other than go on the Internet?

That’s a question Japan is planning to answer.

In order to combat a growing number of children who are hooked on going online, the country is mulling over instituting ‘fasting’ camps in which youngsters will be shipped to facilities with no Internet access to discover how to live without this ubiquitous technology.

The hope is children will be forced to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, while also talking to therapists to help them cope should they find themselves having withdrawal.

Estimates claims more than half a million kids between the ages of 12 and 18 in Japan are addicted to the Internet.

One government official said, "We want to get them out of the virtual world and to encourage them to have real communication with other children and adults.”

Here’s hoping the country gives this idea a chance – but doesn’t launch an app to promote it.

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