The next great innovation in automotive engineering is here.

A team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed an electric car that folds up to take up less space when it’s parked.

The car, called the Armadillo-T, weighs just shy of 1,000 pounds and goes on for 110 inches. When folded, however, it’s only 65 inches, nearly cutting its size in half, allowing three of them to fit into one standard parking spot.

The Armadillo-T’s ability to fold up makes it more like a Rand-McNally map than a speedster, though. It tops out at 37 miles per hour and can go for 62 miles on one 10-minute charge, which means it’s not ideal for any road trips.

While the vehicle may be more useful for tooling around town, there is no word yet on whether it will actually go on sale for the public.

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