Here's a customer who might have too much of an interest in The Home Depot. Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez shot at shoplifters fleeing the store.

ABC reports that the October incident occurred in Rochester Hills, Mich. Thieves were attempting to leave the store, and Duva-Rodriguez fired her gun in the parking lot, flattening one of the SUV's tires. The thieves still got away that day, though they were arrested a few days later.

While she was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, Duva-Rodriguez was not being threatened by the shoplifters. She pleaded no-contest to reckless discharge of a gun and is set for sentencing today. Her attorney hopes she is simply fined and not jailed.

Not jailed? Really? For a person who is under no threat and opens fire in a store's parking lot over an incident that had absolutely nothing to do with her? Oh, she needs to be locked up SOMEWHERE. If not jail, the psyche ward!