Over the past few years, numerous people have found their way to fame by posting videos of themselves online.  Sometimes, the videos are of themselves doing something extraordinary; but more often than not, they're of people making fools of themselves for the sake of laughter. Unfortunately, in the latest popular case, a woman is said to have completely made up a tear-jerker story!

So, most of us have seen people making up skits which they record for laughs. Some are funny.  Some are not.  Then, there are the "relationship experts" that tell everyone else what is wrong with their relationships as if their advice is a perfect fit for every relationship and those whose goals are to display just how ratchet and ghetto they can be. I am so not a fan of the person seeking to be the next viral sensation. But the absolute worst has to be the possible case of Paige Yore.

Yore recently shared a story concerning a recent trip to Walmart that had supporters across the country attempting to send money to help the young man of whom she spoke.


My Friday experience..... This will hit home.... You never know who's fighting what battle. Watch what you say.....

Posted by Paige Yore on Friday, December 4, 2015

Touching story, right?  Turns out the heifer she is said to have made up the entire story!

The great thing about technology is that it can be a blessing or a hindrance.  In this case, it was both.  It was a blessing for those who might have become victims of a scam and a hindrance for Yore. Now, the entire nation knows she might be a liar..... Although a good actress. Apparently, further investigation into her claims showed that she did indeed visit a Walmart, but the company says none of the story she told is true, according to a Colorado news station.  Of course, Yore contends that the story she said is true, although Walmart representatives say none of their video surveillance has proof.

So, what do you think? Was she lying just to get publicity, or is Walmart lying because they don't want anyone to know such an event took place?