I want to know, and then again, maybe I don't wanna know.

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One positive for the restaurant industry of West Alabama, only a few places made the list this spring. So, that's a good thing.

The recent Spring 2022 health department ratings/scores mention several establishments I have frequented in West Alabama.

Maybe you have as well.

Below is a list of some food establishments and lodging facilities I have chosen to highlight.  All of the inspections were done in the last 60-90 days. The "enforcement actions" are also listed and according to the health dept., these are typically corrected so the establishment can reopen within a few hours.

To see the full list CLICK HERE

IHOP at 724 Skyland Boulevard

Reason: Roach infestation

Well, I certainly do not like to see that. How does that even happen? I mean, isn't this gonna be noticed by multiple people on staff?

The Blue Plate at 450 McFarland Blvd

Reason: Inspection score of LESS than 60

I hear it's pretty hard to score LESS than 60 on your inspection by the Health Department. The Blue Plate is one of my favorite places and I just do not understand how this happens in 2022.

Skyland Marathon service station at 2015 Skyland Boulevard East

Reason: Roach infestation

I looked up the definition of "infestation" and according to the Cambridge dictionary it is:"a large number of animals and insects that carry disease, that are present where they are not wanted"

Gee, that sounds great.

Walgreens at 668 Lamb Avenue

Reason: Sewage backup

Well, that doesn't sound so bad until you read about sewage that backs up into the kitchen. Several restaurants in Alabama in this report have that reason listed on their report.

Zaxby's at 1548 Montclair Road

Reason: External sewage discharge

Never, ever, have three words sounded so awful together.

Milo's Hamburgers at 1 Limestone Parkway

Reason: Unsecured grease trap, man hole cover

Man hole are two more words that don't sound good together.

Taqueria Internacional El Paso at 1911 Skyland Boulevard/Suite B1

Reason: Complete lack of refrigeration

Krystal at 1576 Montgomery Hwy

Reason: Sewage discharge

Yeah, that doesn't sound good.

Lastly for my friends in Enterprise, Alabama:

Hillcrest Inn at 101 Access Rd

Reason: Room 201 was contaminated with bed bugs

Enough said.

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