What's Your Best Air Fryer Recipe? 

The Christmas holiday has come and gone and plenty of people have new toys. For adults, our toys hit a little differently. Air fryer anyone?

This Christmas was very important for me. It was my second Christmas in Alabama but it felt like my first since my wife and newborn were here with me. As an adult and especially since I have a son, I didn't expect to get any gifts this year. Little did I know, Santa had something up his sleeve for me.

I got the surprise of a lifetime when I was gifted an air fryer just before Christmas. I've been talking about getting one for so long and made plans to buy one myself. I can admit, I feel like I'm part of an elite group now that I officially have an air fryer. Lol!

When I got the air fryer, the next minute I texted my best friend so he could add me to this exclusive air fryer group on Facebook!

I was so excited to use it and the first thing we made was french fries. My wife wanted to make egg rolls but it was our first time. We needed to start small and build our way up to those egg rolls.

Now that I've mastered air fryer french fries, I want to start cooking some other things. My family's goal for the new year is to do a lot of things differently so we want to make that translate to our meals with this air fryer.

I want to know what are your best air fryer recipes? Let me know on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay.

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