Where Can I Find Jerk Seasoning In Tuscaloosa?

I know that in a world with COVID-19, and other major issues, this is probably not a huge concern. But when you're looking for something and can't find it, it feels like the biggest issue ever!!

Usually, on any given day, I'd know exactly where to go to find certain things. Of course, things change when you move to a new state. I've been in Alabama for a little over a year and I still feel sort of new.

I'm not a complete rookie though. I've learned the best place to go when I want seafood. I also have been to most of the parks, the beach, and a few bars. COVID-19 has really slowed down my bar visits.

Back home in Florida, I knew where to go when I needed to find jerk seasoning. Recently, I wanted to make some jerk chicken pasta and the only thing I was missing was the jerk seasoning.

After searching about 4 stores and coming up empty, I decided to go home with my head held low. I felt like a failure. I wondered,  "Is it really possible that no store in Tuscaloosa has authentic jerk seasoning?"

I asked my wife and she confirmed what I was afraid to be true. There may not be a place to get authentic Caribbean jerk seasoning in Tuscaloosa. I really hope this isn't true. I can't imagine that!

So my question for all of my fellow Alabamians is, where would I find jerk seasoning? There has to be some around, right?

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