Health authorities indicate that the media has a very important role to play. It must dispense accurate information without  presenting it in a sensational manner, and it must avoid exploiting the fears of the public. I read an article from the Poynter Institute, which trains journalists, and it noted that saying "deadly virus" can be misleading, because the virus is not deadly for all people.

I would think that one should limit media exposure. One should be cautioned  against reading about the outbreak obsessively and should get needed information and move on. It stands to reason that the best thing one can do is to find some trusted sources, the outlets which are providing accurate information, and be cautious about social media. In other words, you don't have to constantly seek information.

In times of uncertainty, one should strive for emotional balance. Maintain routines. Find someone who can help check fears and concerns. Don't communicate frequently to that friend who is in a frenzy about the issue, fear is contagious.


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