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Earlier today, the SEC announced the postponement and possible cancellation of the Alabama vs. LSU game this Saturday. The game was called off because the LSU Tigers are dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak and have fewer than the minimum amount of scholarship players available.

Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers should not be allowed to reschedule this football game. LSU should be forced to forfeit the game due to carelessness costing the SEC and others the chance to watch this weekend's game.

It is reported by Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated that the Tigers' outbreak of COVID-19 stems back to a Halloween party. If the LSU program's lack of respect for the SEC and the season puts the conference in a conundrum they should not be afforded the opportunity to reschedule. It should be scored as an LSU forfeit.

The Tigers have already had its game with Florida rescheduled to Dec. 12. The SEC Championship is scheduled for Dec. 19, leaving no open dates to reschedule the Alabama-LSU game.

The carelessness of the Tigers forces CBS to audible its programming on what was meant to be a marquee day in sports. The Masters Golf Tournament was scheduled to conclude just in time for the Crimson Tide and Tigers to face-off, captivating sports fans all day long in front of the TV.

The LSU Tigers should be forced to forfeit this canceled game, instead of forcing Alabama to make it up at a later date and interfere with the Tide's championship hopes. To participate in a party in the midst of a pandemic just because you can and your season isn't going well is not just selfish but it's unsportsmanlike.

The LSU Tigers should be forced to forfeit for its careless, selfish and unsportsmanlike actions.

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