Safety is a top concern for not just parents but Walmart stores here in Alabama. Retailers all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico have received this popular recalled item.

Back in March, there was a food recall on a widely consumed product at Walmart. It was definitely scary because I had this product in my pantry at the time of the recall.

Luckily, my family wasn't harmed due to the recall of pancake batter that month.

Now there's a new recall on some of the most popular candies sold in stores.

Skittles, Starburst, and Life Savers are all part of the latest food recall.

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According to the FDA, specific varieties of Starburst gummies, Skittles gummies, and Life Savers gummies have been recalled due to the potential presence of thin metal strand embedded in gummies or loose in the bag.

The FDA posted a release concerning the recall saying,

"We received reports from consumers alerting us to this matter and are not aware of any illnesses to date.

Products were manufactured by a third party and distributed in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The products subject to this recall in the U.S. include SKITTLES® Gummies, STARBURST® Gummies, and LIFE SAVERS® Gummies are described in the table below."

The table included over a dozen variations of gummies including:

  • Skittles Gummies Original Stand Up Pouch
  • Starbust Gummies Original Share Size
  • Life Savers Sour Gummies
  • Life Savers Wild Berries Gummies
  • Skittles Gummies Original Stand Up
  • Skittles Gummies Wild Berry Stand Up

To see the full list of recalled candies from the FDA, click here. 

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