Which Curry Powder Do People Prefer? Survey Says.....

One quick trip to the grocery store ended up starting a huge debate online. Two brands, same flavor, but the people prefer one over the other.

Every now and then I like to take polls on my Instagram story. It's such a good way to see what other people feel about things, how they view celebrities, and see who knows about certain throwback posts. My latest poll came about during a quick trip to the grocery store.

We were planning meals for the week and needed to get some curry powder from the store. I can't lie, I was nervous I wouldn't find any since I had the toughest time looking for jerk seasoning a few weeks back.

After looking through the spices at Wal-Mart, I came across two different brands of curry powder. I picked up the first one, then all of a sudden, I found the second one which was my preferred choice.

I decided to take a poll on my Instagram story asking which brand other people liked the most. The poll was between McCormik's Curry powder and Badia's Jamaican Style Curry powder. 76% of those who took the poll chose the Badia brand, and 24% preferred McCormik.

Personally, I'd never have chosen the McCormik brand for curry powder unless it's my last resort. I couldn't believe anyone even chose that over the Badia brand. Certain spices I just can't trust McCormik with and curry is one of them.

Shoutout to the 76% that knows the best curry powder out of the two! Lol!

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