Walmart Changes Decision To Remove Firearms 

Walmart recently announced the removal of firearms and ammunition displays. They've now reversed that decision.

Arguably one of the biggest elections in American history is here and Walmart made a decision to combat possible civil unrest after the results. Walmart announced that it would temporarily remove guns and ammunition from its store displays.

According to the Washington Post, just one day after making their initial announcement, Walmart has now reversed their decision and has begun to put the items on the sale's floor once again. I can't say I blame Walmart for being proactive. This election is big and you can look at prior events this year where things have gotten a little out of hand, so I can understand the original choice. Why reverse the decision?

The Washington Post reports that Walmart said “As the current incidents have remained geographically isolated, we have made the decision to begin returning these products to the sales floor today." With this election, I hope nothing crazy happens. According to NBC News, from May to July, ServiceChannel saw about $20.4 million in invoices for work orders related to civil unrest.

We're encouraging everyone who can, to get out and vote. There are free rides to the polls on voting day in Tuscaloosa.

There are also ways to check your voter status, look up your polling location and more. IT takes less than 2 minutes! To check on your voter informtion, get information on the election, visit Alabama Votes.

Be safe at the polls!

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