Tuscaloosa City Election Ended . . .

Local Elections are over. Now what? Will the city be governed differently or will it be Business As Usual? The recent Tuscaloosa City election has consumed many for many months. It is frankly accurate to feel tired, burnt out, and "over" political discussion. However, we are just getting started. Now is when we begin the next steps of our civic duty, holding politicians accountable for their promises. As voters it is very important that we hold these newly elected officials accountable for their promises.

Trace your representative's voting pattern. It is a good idea to track how well your representative sticks to campaign promises. Make sure that you are signed up for email alerts from your representative and follow them on social media also.

Know how to contact your representative. Don't approve of how your representative votes on issues.? Contact them to make them aware of your displeasure.

Attend Community events. Showing up to public forums, committee meetings, or speaking events held by your representative shows your local government that you are paying attention.

Use social media to highlight the impact of a policy or shortcoming of your representative. Don't like what you're seeing/ hearing from your local elected officials? Herald the news to your friends and watch it gain strength. Politicians are placed in power by you and me-our vote. While it is a representative's job to represent the people of their district, it is our job to remind them of their accountability.



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