We've all heard stories of people who have served our country in the military and returned home to less than stellar treatment. However, in West Alabama, it seems that former service men and women are highly regarded by the population.

There are numerous agencies which help Veterans navigate life, but none is as thorough as the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center.

The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center works to provide quality mental and health care and offers a variety of services and programs for Veterans.

For instance, on Tuesday, May 14, a baby shower is being held for Veterans who are welcoming a new addition to their families this year. According to its website, the baby shower not only connects Veterans with VA benefits, information and resources, but it also extend the opportunity for Veterans to make meaningful connections with other new parents in their local community.

So, if you are an expecting Veteran or know of one, click here to obtain more information about this event.

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