As we all know, last week was Teachers' Appreciation Week. While preparing to surprise my daughter's teacher, I tried to think of something special yet unique.

Initially, I thought I'd go to a local store and purchase a gift basket. However, while in route, I remembered that I'd not only driven by a tent where gift baskets were being sold but I'd also stopped to take a picture.

The company is named after a local teen who was killed in a tragic vehicular accident last year.  Her mother decided this would be a great way to honor her late daughter.

So, rather than go to the national store, I decided to shop local, which allowed me to still make the purchase for what I wanted while supporting a local entrepreneur.

While perusing the selection of available baskets, I took special note of those designed specifically for mothers. If you have not yet decided what you'd like to get your mom, this may be worth looking into.