All too often, after tragedy strikes our communities, we are forced to react rather than being proactive in preventing certain situations and circumstances from arising. "Where is the church?" is a question often asked by those seeking an answer as to why churches are not more involved in community issues. Some Tuscaloosa pastors are working towards a solution.

Crusade for Christ is a local organization that is working to further strengthen the church and the community.  The organization is a conglomeration of various churches and Christian-based organizations that use their strengths for the benefit of the community.  Where one church or group may be weak, another may be strong enough to address a particular concern or to plug in its resources for the holistic well-being of the organization.

Friday, April 3rd, Crusade for Christ has planned a Good Friday Extravaganza.  The event will take place at the Central High Auditorium and will feature many notable Tuscaloosa musicians as well as honor community leaders. Proceeds from this event will aid in the purchasing of school supplies for the Community Network Association's annual giveaway as well as benefit tutorial programs for the Citizens Impacting Community, Hay Court, McKenzie Court, and Creekwood Village.

For more information, listen to our public affairs program, Pinto Beans and Collard Greens, this Sunday morning at 10:30am, as I interview Pastor Tyshawn Gardner of the Plum Grove Baptist Church and Rev. Frank Kennedy, Jr. about the Good Friday Extravaganza as well as the needs of the community and ways the churches are getting involved.