When the Blue Angels perform at the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show on March 28-29, it will be one of about 40 stops they'll make around the country in 2015. Considering nearly 200 cities applied to host them, it's a special treat for West Alabama.

The Blue Angels are comprised of six planes that fly in formation and perform incredibly precise maneuvers. When the planes are in their diamond formation, Lt. Ryan Chamberlain, pilot of the No. 6 plane, says they are just 18 inches apart. It's a truly incredible feat and residents of Tuscaloosa, Northport, and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to see it in person this weekend.

The Blue Angels are scheduled to fly at 3:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday as part of a day-long event at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. Read more about the air show here or visit their website.

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