Praise 93.3 & 790 WTSK salutes Pastor Anderson Walker of the New Harvest Church of God as the Tuscaloosa Pastor of the Week. Pastor Walker has assisted many people in the community through his words and actions and leads a vibrant church of believers.

The Parkview Church of God use to sit on the corner of 17th street in Tuscaloosa right across from the old Parkview Elementary School in a white building. I use to walk and drive by see that white building lit up. The Parkview Church of God was established in 1913. The church had to move more than ten years ago around the corner to the present location to make way for new student housing. The church pastor Anderson Walker led the congregation through this transition and now leads a thriving congregation on the south side of Tuscaloosa.

Anderson Walker is the Senior Pastor of New Harvest Church of God in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Pastor Walker was licensed in 1998 by the Alabama State Association Ministerial Assembly of the Church of God and the Church of God of Anderson, Indiana. He pastored the St. Mary Church of God in Panola, Alabama from 1999 until 2003.

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In February 2003, Pastor Walker became the fourth pastor of Parkview Church of God which was later renamed New Harvest Church of God.  He and his beautiful wife of 36 years, Tina Harris Walker, have three children-Allison, Andrea, and Brandon.  Lady Tina oversees the New Harvest Women’s Ministry by empowering women to recognize and operate in their unique spiritual gifts.  She encourages and motivates women by living out biblical truths proclaimed in the word of God.

The church has been able to grow and utilize technology during the pandemic and still be able to help the local community. New Harvest has helped people learn how to purchase homes and mentor and tutor children in the Tuscaloosa community.


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