On April 27, 2011, the landscape of Tuscaloosa was drastically changed. The City of Tuscaloosa has been working earnestly to rebuild bigger and better ever since.

Of course, there were many areas where we lacked even before the tornado, and the city has sought input from residents and business owners alike to assess needs.  Through this, they obtained suggestions that might not have been previously considered.

New developments have been in the works in recent years, and some major retailers have been announced. With that being said, what other things would you like to see in Tuscaloosa? Any particular retailers, activities, or restaurants?  What do you enjoy when you go out of town that you think others would like to visit when they come to Tuscaloosa? In addition, what are some areas where our infrastructure could be stronger?

Personally, I've ALWAYS said I would love to see more sidewalks. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to have them installed, but I'm sure it would save some of our roadways from needing repair as often if more people walked some places rather than driving everywhere. That's just my two cents. What are some of yours?