Children of today are deeply  intrigued  with the uses of electronic technology. Some wake up each day with all types of electronic items, navigate their way through the day, and go to bed with electronic technology as their closest friend.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. have assisted many a youngster to find themselves in problematic situations. One 12-Year-old girl after having an i-phone taken from her by her mother decided that in order to "get back" at her mother, she would attempt poisoning her mother. To really make matters worse she attempted this horrible deed twice. Fortunately the mother survived both attempts. However, the girl is currently in police custody charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder.

It becomes necessary sometimes for parents to punish their kids by depriving them of things that they cherish, such as the desktop, laptop, i-phone, i-pad, etc. because of disobedience. As parents you must establish some parameters with your children as it relates to use of electronic technology.

Somewhere in the world there are children devising ways to gain revenge on their parent(s) because they simply say "no" to disobedience. The very thought is somewhat scary.