When disaster strikes, we often hear the phrase "we will never forget," and while life goes on, sometimes pushing tragic events to the corners of our minds, when other communities face traumatic circumstances, we often remember how others stepped in to assist us during our times of need. When it all boils down, we never forget; and we do what we can to pay it forward.

Such is the case with Flint, Michigan. Our brothers and sisters are in a water crisis. Over 8,000 children have been exposed to possible lead poisoning.


With the contamination of the city's water, the need is urgent. We all know that water is a basic necessity for life. Tuscaloosa's Urban Progressive Party and Church in Action are doing more than sending prayers. Their members are TAKING supplies to Flint.

While water is of ultimate importance, donations of other items such as wipes and filters may be made at New Vision Baptist Church (916 University Lane) until 6pm today. Fill Up the Truck with Water for Flint!

Update:  I stopped by as late as 5:30 yesterday evening, and the groups expressed the need for assistance in loading the truck this morning.  They're asking for volunteers to come to the church this morning.  Get more details and updates here.