Say it to yourself in a whisper... the name itself.... Celestial Treat... Doesn't it sound just divine? Can you imagine tasting something that takes you to the heavens and beyond?

Well, this is exactly the feeling owner and CEO Karen Lewis wanted to give medical staff at DCH Regional Medical center as they care not only for COVID-19 patients but also other patients.

Amid this current crisis, we tend to lose focus on the fact that there are others in the hospital seeking help for other ailments.  The novel coronavirus only added to the load that the doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, and other support staff carry.

So, to add a bright spot to their lives, Celestial Treat decided to make deliveries to hospital staff.  It's called Special "Treat"ment Days, and it was designed to show appreciation to less mentioned hospital workers.

So far, deliveries have been made to the registrars in the ER at Northport DCH, the cardiac monitoring unit, the main lab, sterile processing units of DCH, and the CVS pharmacy on campus.

"My desire is to recognize those that keep the front line running smoothly. I want to treat the nutrition and janitorial departments as well. Yet, those are larger departments," said Lewis.

Celestial Treat is a small, locally owned company.  Lewis has been baking full time since 2007, but she took on her business full time in October 2019.  So, though, the company has longevity and a regular customer base, it's not large enough to continue to treat medical staff without assistance.  Anyone willing to donate towards the cause may do so at or visit the company's Facebook page.

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