Top 5 At Home Quarantine Fails

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted almost everyone I know into a new way of life.  This pandemic has us going about some of the simplest chores and activities differently, like grocery shopping, going to the doctor, getting a haircut, and even having a baby.  It has all been an adjustment.  Now, some of that is changing as various states are opening back up, and we can try our very best to go back to the way of life as we know it.  Or should we?  Personally, I plan on staying very cautious and trying my best decisions when it comes to interaction with others.  However, like the rest of the world, I’ve had some quarantine fails.  At home manicures, I rocked but the rest it is all up for debate.

According to SWNS Digital, here are the top five things American’s have failed at; “Over a quarter (27%) had an unsuccessful experience at coloring their hair while a further 24% unsuccessfully attempted to give themselves a pedicure.  And as expected, one in four had experienced an instantly regrettable haircut from a friend or family member. Twenty-six percent of respondents failed at their body piercing attempts during quarantine, and another 22% failed to bake a delicious treat during quarantine.”  I have not given myself a haircut; I’ve been going with the flow with my hair.  I do admit I need a little coloring, but I don’t think I’m that brave to try it myself.  Now, the pedicure; that was a major fail because I ended up clipping the nails too short, so short that I cut skin.  I figured it would be best to leave that to the experts.

(Source) For more from SWNS Digital, click here.

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