Farmers Market Reopens This Saturday At Tuscaloosa River Market

I am so excited to hear this news that the Farmers Market will reopen this Saturday, May 23, 2020, at the Tuscaloosa River Market.  I love the fact there are so many local choices at the Farmers Market.  The open-air market event will take place from 7 am until Noon, along with social distancing being practiced.  The Vendors include; Belle Meadow Farm, BDA Farm, Ben’s Bread, Breaking Bread, Country Hills Farm, Eagle’s Wings, F&D Farm, Harbin Farm, Lar-Rens Farm, Norris Farm, Nothin’ Fancy Home Cooking, Snows Bend Farm, and That Cheesecake.  Click here for all the details of each vendor.  I think I want a little bit of everything this weekend, but a pint of blackberries from F&D farms sounds delicious.  A peanut butter cookie from Lar-Rens might be another selection.  What? Fried apple pies from Norris Farms.

According to the Facebook event page, they are asking everyone to have patience and to follow the new market rules.  For a full list of the guidelines which included ten points, click here.  I felt like the information that stood out the most to me from the ten different requests, was that Farmers Market asked that you “do not congregate between booths or in walkways. Maintain at least an arm’s length distance between other shoppers and vendors, especially while you are waiting in line and do not greet anyone at the market with hugs or handshakes.”  Also, if you still want to support the Farmers Market, curbside service is still available.  However, you must pay in advance and do that directly with the vendor.

(Source) For more about the Farmers Market, click here.  For the even Facebook page, click here.

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