I’m an avid HGTV watcher. I can watch House Hunters and Love It Or List It for hours. But I discovered the three most valuable paint colors from Better Homes And Gardens. Glad I’m a subscriber. This information is money in the bank.

Paint color choice could be worth up to $5,000 research from real estate marketplace Zillow reveals.

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Over 1000 potential home buyers were surveyed. We can now reveal the 3 colors that can boost your home’s value up to $5000!

LIGHT BLUE bathrooms are a strong favorite that can result in a big return on investment for your home. Survey participants said they'd be more interested in touring and buying a home with a light blue bathroom, and willing to pay more than expected. A soothing light blue color in the bathroom can make a difference.

BLUE wins again in the master bedroom. DARK BLUE bedrooms look cozy and relaxing according to the home buyers survey. Deeper dark blue paint in the bedroom definitely increases home value.

In common spaces like the kitchen and living room, it pays to keep everything NEUTRAL. In the kitchen, CRISP WHITE paint colors add value to your home. LIGHT GRAY living rooms are linked to a bigger offer price as well.

Blues, grays, pale greens, and whites are timeless calming colors that allow potential buyers to see your home as fresh and clean. The potential buyers can picture themselves, their personal furnishings, and their families, filling the space and making memories, according to the Better Homes and Gardens survey results.

There are paint colors according to Zillow that can devalue your home. Avoid RED kitchens (sorry Bama fans). And avoid YELLOW kitchens. These colors devalue your home by over $1500.

Paint color is a personal choice. But light blue bathrooms, dark blue bedrooms, and neutral wall colors everywhere else seem to be the win-win with buyers.

Better Homes and Gardens, Zillow, and many hours of HGTV viewing contributed to these findings. Using these suggestions can lead to a SOLD sign in your front yard and more money in the bank.

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