There's stupid, and then there's this.

I have no words, y'all. I am stupefied by the stupidity. I am incensed by the ignorance. I am seriously starting to think that Idiocracy is actually a documentary from the future.

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Why the overreaction, you ask?

I was doomscrolling on Facebook this morning and saw the post below from Montgomery District Attorney Daryl D. Bailey. Bailey is urging Alabamians to not take part in the now-viral Milk Crate Challenge.

What's the Milk Crate Challenge?

It's a TikTok trend. People stack milk crates into a big pyramid or pile and then attempt to climb over them. Almost everyone is failing and just busting it, resulting in some fairly hilarious videos--and even more serious injuries.

"Injuries resulting from falls can include broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL tears, and life-threating conditions like spinal cord injuries," Bailey said.

The Milk Crate Challenge is dumb, but it's more dangerous now than ever.

"[W]ith emergency rooms across the county already overcrowded due to COVID-19, Milk Crate Challenge injuries are putting unnecessary additional stress on our hospitals and health care providers," Bailey said.

I just... I can't.

Here we are, dealing with year two of the Coronavirus Pandemic because people can't act right and now we're stressing out because idiots climbing on milk crates could tax our overwhelmed health care system.

I honestly hate everything about this timeline. Can someone please reboot the Matrix?

What do you think about this new "warning?" Is humanity truly doomed? Message me with our station app and let me know.

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