Mother's Day is May 8, 2016 -- that's Sunday, THIS SUNDAY. You haven't forgotten, right? Where are you planning to take your mom this year? 

Mother's Day is all about celebrating the women who brought us into this world, the women who've cared for us our entire lives. You can honor your mom any way you'd like this year--flowers, candy, spa days, shopping sprees--but the one thing you CANNOT do on Mother's Day is expect your mother to cook and clean.

This is HER day, okay? It should be her day off, too--so take your mom out this weekend! Tuscaloosa is full of amazing restaurants, and trying to pick the perfect place for your Mother's Day dinner may seem like an impossible task--but (lucky you!) I've hooked you up with a list of the 10 best restaurants for Mother's Day dinner in the Druid City.

I'm a mom AND a huge foodie, so check out the slideshow above to see my picks--and then order some flowers for your mom and start making your weekend plans, because (and trust me on this one) you DO NOT want to forget your mom on Mother's Day!

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