University Mall's Mother-Daughter Look-A-Like Contest will be held Saturday, May 9, 2015. I've hosted the annual competition for several years now, and I'm here to give you a few insider tips on how you can one-up your competition! As the emcee of the annual contest, I've seen plenty of moms and daughters hit the stage. Once in a while, you'll see a pair that makes you do a double take and ask the person next to you if she's also seeing double.

What makes some duos more dynamic than others? I've noticed that the best mother-daughter pairs aren't afraid to go all out. What does that mean for you? I've listed all my pro tips below.

1. Wear matching outfits. You'd be surprised at how much a difference this makes. If you can't find outfits that look like carbon copies, try wearing outfits that coordinate. Your matching/complimentary ensembles will reinforce the fact that you and your mom/daughter really do look-a-like.

2. Play up your strengths--do people tell you that you've got your Mom's eyes? Get with her and make a game plan to showcase those suckers!

3. Practice makes perfect! Don't be afraid to rehearse your stage walk. A little confidence goes a loooong way, especially if you're competing with a child. After you've got the ol' smile-n-wave down, why not think of a unique walk or pose to help set you apart from the competition? I'm just tossing this out here--but what if you and your daughter decided to walk like mirror images of one another? You need to up your WOW factor, y'all. Don't be afraid to get all SHOWBIZ! on stage.

4. Rock matching 'do's. If you want to stand out as look-a-likes, your hair game has gotta be strong. If mom wears her hair up, you wear yours up, too. If your daughter has super short hair, try using similar accessories--a bow, a headband, a scarf.

5. Don't forget the awesome accessories. Wear matching necklaces. Show off your beautiful bracelets, or pick out pairs of matching shoes. It's all about looking like two peas in a coordinating pod!

6. Try a mommy-daughter makeover. Look, I'm not saying you have to cake on the makeup, but a little cosmetics can have a big impact. Y'all could wear the same shade of lipstick (provided your daughter is old enough), or you could get crazy creative with it. Let's say mom has a beauty mark and you don't--you can add one with some strategically placed eyeliner. Making your makeup match is a surefire way to step up your game this year. (Also: as our resident beauty blogger, I feel compelled to remind you that our little Sephora inside JCPenney does mini-makeovers. Just sayin'.)

7. Have fun! I know; I know: it sounds super cheesy to say, but it's true. Sure, it's a contest (and the prizes are great!) but the Mother-Daughter Look-a-Like Contest is about having fun with the women we love most--our moms and daughters. It's a chance to celebrate the fierce females in our life and have fun together!


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