Is it just me, or do the weirdest things just pop up in Tuscaloosa? Like the whole "Tuscaloosa Python" event that happened two years ago.

So this morning I was driving around Tuscaloosa. Had some errands to run, and while driving around, I noticed something just strange. Obviously, there are so many questions that need answering.

The most obvious one is, just who are these kids? Why are they on a billboard? Did someone lose a bet in T-Town and now they've got their face plastered all over the city?

Seriously, this is a really expensive prank if it is one. They chose one of the worst photos ever too. Kid on the right looks like he's frowning.

I mean it makes sense that billboard itself says "Ugly Kids," but I digress.

At least the guy on the right looks...kind of cool? Though to be honest he also looks like a younger version of me. Honestly wish my hair was more like that though.

Of course then again that would require me to go without a haircut for a while but let's continue.

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This is all so confusing as stated previously, because who just outright calls kids ugly. Maybe sometimes kids take bad photos. I mean my mom and dad have so many unflattering photos of me.

Regardless of all the questions I have posed here, we still need to figure out who these kids are. Maybe somehow we can help them plan a sort of "get back" at whoever did this.

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