If you are driving a Dodge or Chrysler product on the roads in Alabama or any state for that matter, you need to know this.

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The car companies have issued their strongest "DO NOT DRIVE" warning on several of their vehicles.

At least two more deaths have been blamed on the problem with Dodge/Chrysler vehicles.

The NHTSA recall warning can be found on their website HERE.

The main issue is the airbags are at risk of exploding.

That certainly sounds like a serious issue to me. The airbags are Takata airbags.

Drivers are being told to park their older model Dodge Chargers, Challengers and Chrysler 300's for the time being.

Of course, if you own one of the vehicles under the "DO NOT DRIVE" warning, expect to hear from your dealership.

Tens of millions of American vehicles are impacted by these Takata airbags.

We will continue giving information on these vehicles in the near future.

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