I did not need to see this!

I love the beach and have plans to head there in August.

In addition, the radio stations I work for, are giving away Beach vacations this September/October!

This video is no reason to cancel all of that, even if it is disturbing.

People are always flying drones down at the beach. I have seen it a thousand times.

This particular drone video was posted by Patsy McKenzie on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Canva
Photo: Facebook/Canva

I realize that lots of sharks live in the water, and it is no reason to avoid the beach. However, it does seem like they are showing up more and more in large groups.

During the Fourth of July holiday, a warning went out to folks living in Cape Cod to be aware of a large group of sharks coming to their area.

All we can do is practice the best beach safety that we know. If you need a refresher, thank you Red Cross for this rundown of tips.

Have fun, be careful and enjoy the beach this Summer!

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