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UPDATE (Feb. 15 at 3 p.m.) – Emergency management agencies in Marion, Winston, Lamar, Fayette and Pickens Counties have issued the following alert:

"Marion, Winston, Lamar, Fayette, and Pickens County emergency management agencies have deemed all roads and bridges maintained by county road departments impassable until further notice. Members of the general public are advised that when roads and bridges become impassable, all travel should be suspended or delayed. Only emergency vehicles should travel on county roads and bridges at this time."

ALDOT is urging all residents who are being impacted by this ice storm to not travel unless it is absolutely necessary. For more information on road conditions in specific areas of the region, see below.

An icy winter storm is traveling through West Alabama this week, and road conditions are expected to worsen. As the potential for icy roadways grows stronger, we will keep a running list of dangerous areas to avoid, should you need to travel.

However, several meteorologists, emergency management agencies and city leaders are discouraging travel until this event is over.

"In addition to widespread icing on roadways due to freezing rain, north and west-central Alabama may see additional accumulations of sleet and snow," read a Feb. 14 press release from the Alabama Department of Transportation. "Anywhere temperatures are below freezing, moisture on pavement surfaces may freeze to form black ice – a transparent layer of ice on the roadways that is difficult for motorists to detect in advance."

ALDOT added that travel is expected to be "potentially hazardous" and there might be routes that are impassible. Simply, don't travel unless it's absolutely necessary.

If you must drive, ALDOT suggests carrying an emergency kit with you in your vehicle. Helpful items include a car charger, ice scraper, jumper cables, blankets, food, water and other critical supplies.

See the full list of notable road conditions below, with the most recent update being first:

  • 10:30 a.m. 2/15: Numerous roadways in Marion County are now covered in ice. Temperatures are expected to fall below freezing in Tuscaloosa after 3 p.m. today.
  • 8:58 a.m. 2/15: Numerous roadways in southern Fayette County are becoming covered in ice.
  • 8:45 a.m. 2/15: Sumter County bridge icing is reported on US 11 at MM 13.2 in York and US 80 at MM 13.2 near Sumter Academy Road.
  • 8:33 a.m. 2/15: Bridge icing is reported on US 11 near MM 6.7 in York.
  • 8:30 a.m. 2/15: Bridge icing is reported in Sumter County at MM 7.7 on AL 17.
  • 8:22 a.m. 2/15: Heavy icing is reported along roadways and bridges throughout Marion County.
  • 8:18 a.m. 2/15: Ice is reported on the US 80 bridge in Cuba, Alabama.
  • 8:15 a.m. 2/15: Ice is reported on the bridge at AL 86 near W Lock and Dam Road in Pickensville. Ice is also reported on I-20/59 near exit 23 and on AL 28 in Livingston.
  • 7:45 a.m. 2/15: The Fayette County Sheriff's Office advises residents to avoid travel within the county as roads and bridges are beginning to ice over. MDOT says Icing issues have been reported in 66 Mississippi counties, and ALDOT is reporting icing issues in Gainesville and several other counties near the AL/MS state line.
  • 10:59 a.m. 2/15: Bridge conditions in rural areas of Walker County are beginning to deteriorate. It is likely that these roadways will get icy. Walker County Sheriff's Office dispatchers are experiencing slower response times due to an influx of emergency calls, so please be aware in crisis situations.
  • 12:27 p.m. 2/15: According to ALDOT, US-82 from the Mississippi state line to the Tuscaloosa County line is now impassable.
  • 12:40 p.m. 2/15: Highway 17 north of Reform, US-82 west of Reform and Highway 14 from Aliceville to the Mississippi state line are now deemed impassable.
  • AL 14 All Directions @MP 2.1 near Mt. Olive Church Road in Pickensville.
  • The Office of the County Engineer of Lamar County has issued a public notice that all county roads and bridges in Lamar County should be considered IMPASSABLE until further notice.
  • The Office of the County Engineer of Pickens County has issued a public notice that all roads and bridges in Pickens County should be considered IMPASSABLE until further notice.

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