As the world mourns the loss of innocent lives in Belgium terrorist attacks on Tuesday, one Alabama men's basketball player is coping with the tragedy on a much more personal level.

The Crimson Tide senior hails from Antwerp, Belgium, which is only about 30 minutes north of Brussels. This morning, he awoke to the scene that many Americans were also seeing for the first. Bombs were detonated in two busy locations during the morning commute hours.

Obasohan said he had a tough time getting in touch with his family, but finally found out that they were safe and healthy.

"My prayers are with them. It hurts," Obasohan said. "It hurts to hear stories like that. It hurts to have it happen to people close to me."

The images he was seeing on television were all too familiar for Belgium student playing basketball in America. Obasohan said he knows the ins and outs of that international airport after flying there every time he travels home.

"I've been there multiple times, and I know exactly where that American Airlines gate is because that's the one that I take."

During his twenty-minute press conference on Tuesday, Obasohan stressed the importance of love and kindness.

"As long as we keep thinking that violence is the answer, there's not much I can say or do. I'll keep preaching love. I truly believe that love is probably you're greatest weapon."