This morning, I was scrolling the Internet when I came across this in my Facebook news feed: "Did you know? Who knew it is over 100 pyramids alone the Mississippi River??"  Being myself, I decided to do a little research.

Initially, I did a Google search and came up with a number of links.  So, I decided to click one that seemed to be a bit more reputable. According to Discover Magazine, American Indians had been building mounds in the Mississippi River valley since 3500 B.C. I'm sure I must have learned this in school at some point and just forgot it.  You know how we do, remember about the subjects in which we have no interest just enough to pass the tests.

Well, lately, I've discovered an interest in the things I once took for granted. Here's to my new research project to learn more about the Mississippi River pyramids (which I've now come to know includes mounds, similar to those of which we are aware in Moundville). Thanks for the reminder, Jarrod.