Today, I came across another of those lists that either confirm or dispel many "Alabama" myths and misconceptions.  Of course, they're usually written by someone who has never visited the state or by someone who's only visited the area where their family lives, and THAT is how they believe the entire state to be.

However, this list has a bit of truth to it.  I found it to be quite funny, although some of the items listed went over my head.  For instance, I've never heard of "The Swampers" or cat head biscuits.  Just the same, I've never understood why any soft drink other than a Coca-Cola is called a Coke.  And number 21..... It's just hilarious! Check out the list, and tell me what you think.  Did they get us right, or is this another fluff list created by someone who knows nothing about life in Alabama?