Have you ever seen a cake that was just beautiful, so beautiful that you just had to taste it; but when you tasted it, it wasn't as good as it looked?  Such is the case with a lot of us and our health.

We think that because we look good and don't feel symptoms of illness, everything is fine. We don't go to the doctor until we notice something is wrong.  Sometimes, that's ok; but more often than not, that point is often too late for the issue to be completely repaired.

Last December, I realized how much money I throw away each year by paying insurance premiums and not getting preventive care.  At that point, I immediately scheduled my eye exam before the year ended.  Then, in January, I scheduled my first dentist appointment in quite some time.

I mean, why go to the dentist when everybody can tell that I take care of my teeth.  I receive a nice number of compliments on my smile (not to toot my own horn). I try to give the best first impression of myself.  I hope to come across as warm and caring because I genuinely am. So, I smile a lot! However, smiling a lot and receiving compliments does not mean I have a HEALTHY smile.

Therefore, I went to the dentist for an oral exam.  The exam showed a few issues that needed correction. I've been to the dentist four times already this year.  The first time, it was for diagnosis purposes only.

My second time, I got a root canal.

I couldn't feel ANYTHING on the left side of my face. LOL

The third time, I got fillings.

I get NO work without the gas. That extra $25 is SO worth it!

My last visit was for a cleaning, and I'm scheduled to go back for more fillings next month.

Normally, I'd probably complain about how much money I had to pay (even with insurance), but the fact of the matter is that if I'd taken care of each of these over the time that I hadn't been going to the dentist, it wouldn't be as bad. So, I just look at it like I should have gotten my root canal 3 years ago, my first round of fillings 2 years ago, the second round a year ago, etc. Yes, I have to tell myself that to keep from getting mad about it.

It's sad, but the death of my cousin has REALLY caused me to take better care of myself.  He was seemingly fit by appearance. NOTHING made me think he'd be leaving us at the age of 36, not because of a health issue. I'm happy to know that other family members are taking better care of themselves too.  Many have scheduled appointments with their doctors and dentists.  We've all come to understand that we have only ONE body in only ONE life, and we have to make the best of both, lest we lose either.