HOW do daycare workers leave work, locking up the facility with a baby still inside?Sounds crazy, but this is exactly what happened at the All Things Are Possible for Kids (tell me about it) daycare Monday.

According to ABC, a parent arrived to pick up his child, and found the West Chicago daycare was dark and locked. He could hear his daughter crying inside, which is when he flagged down police. Police broke into the facility and used a flashlight to find the baby crawling on the floor.

If All Things Are Possible for Kids was concerned about maintaining that client, they can forget it. Baby Journee had only been going to the facility for a week. So, maybe this explains how she was forgotten by staff, but NOBODY did a final walk through? To forget a child is one thing but to not go back and check to make sure all children had been picked up is akin to a parent leaving a baby in the car! It's just negligent.

Oh, but the parents don't get a pass either! If the daycare workers went home, that means their work day was obviously over. It is said that there was another instance where a child was not picked up and was taken home by one of the daycare providers. WHO leaves their children with people beyond the necessary time? Daycare workers have things to do, too! Picking up your children on time is not only considerate, but it also prevents workers from taking their frustrations with the parents out on the children.

Well, once this investigation is over, IF they're allowed to stay open, All Things Are Possible for Kids just may want to change its name or at least add a line in small print that reads "Other than negligence."