Looks like some of our rough roads and parking issues will soon go away!

According to the Tuscaloosa News, Tuesday, the Tuscaloosa City Council voted unanimously to approve Mayor Maddox's slate of 10 road paving, infrastructure improvement, and parking projects, which would require a $30.1 million bond issue. Anyone traveling city streets on game days can tell that there is an issue with infrastructure which needs to be addressed. In addition, the lanes of some city streets are so narrow, they barely leave room for a slight miscalculation in wheel position.

It's nice to see leadership that cares about not only the quality of life of its constituents but also the future of the city. The mayor says repayment would come from estimated new revenue generated from the reallocation of local sales tax funds. Tuscaloosa is definitely on the move, and these projects will undoubtedly make moving a bit easier.