Many women like myself have issues with one or two body parts. For the most part, they can manage the rest of their bodies, but there's usually one or two areas they work consistently to change. One of my main ones is my upper inner thigh. Today, I think I discovered the best exercise for it EVER!

What had happened was... (Yes, you know the foolishness is about to ensue) Anyway, what had happened was this morning, I was a bit pressed for time for work because I went the the Back to the 80's party last night. So, getting up was quite the task this morning. Getting up and dressed was even harder. I just couldn't focus enough to think about my clothing choices, accessories, and shoes. I ended up wearing leggings with a long shirt and some sandals.

So, I got to work. Completed my necessary tasks and decided to go and get some breakfast. The sun had just started to rise, and I got a good look at my feet. Just ash everywhere! Uh oh. Can't walk around in sandals and ashy feet. However, I have no lotion in this purse, but I DO have baby oil gel. Yep! I covered my feet and ankles with the gel and went on to get my breakfast.

Unfortunately, my dumb behind didn't think to go anywhere with a drive-thru. Nope. I went somewhere I had to walk inside. With the first two steps, I knew I was in trouble. As my feet slid across my sandals, I struggled to maintain my stability. All of a sudden, I felt my inner thighs begin to engage. I don't know what they did, or how they relate to the bottom of my feet, but I felt confident that my feet wouldn't slide out of my shoes and that I wouldn't fall, trying to keep them on.

I went inside, got my breakfast, and walked back to my car. It wasn't a very long walk, but when I tell you that my inner thighs feel like I've been in the gym.... So, I think when I go home, I'll keep my feet covered in oil while wearing sandals in the house and see if I notice any results.

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