You'll Never Be Able To Find This Tuscaloosa Gem

It seems every other week I'm finding a new spot in Tuscaloosa that I love. This newest place caught me by surprise.

So far, I've discovered some great parks and other places around Tuscaloosa. This latest place I stumbled upon is very different. I can't exactly call it a park, but it's kind of a trail too. This is how I found one of the best relaxation places I've ever seen in Tuscaloosa so far.

After leaving a meeting, I happened to see some red, orange, and yellow leaves on a few trees. In awe that the leaves actually turn colors in Alabama, I had to go and get a closer look. As I got closer to the trees, I saw water behind them and a few benches. This place just kept getting better.

I sat on the bench and took in the views as a huge boat passed by. Looked like it was carrying something important too.

The nature of this place was so beautiful. Full of trees, grass, and fall leaves. The water looked great, there were plenty of places to sit and it was great for exercising. This is where the confusion comes in.

Do I call this place a park? Do I call it a trail? I didn't see any signs that had a name on it so I have no idea what exactly to call this place. I just know the views were amazing, the water was beautiful, and it's perfect to work out.

Can you guess where this place is? Let me know on my Instagram @BigDawgDreDay.

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