My Son Is 8 Months Old & Already A Model

Today is a huge milestone in my parenting journey and my son's life. He is officially 8 months old!

I know this is very cliche but time flies! It seems like just 2 months ago I watched my son sleeping at home during his first night home from the hospital. I've learned so much during these last 8 months.

Being a father is no easy task. I take pride in being as involved as possible in my son's life and it is taxing. Sleepless nights, hundreds of diapers, learning how to give the baby a bath, and putting on baby showers are just some of the hard tasks I've learned to somewhat master. I can say that these 8 months have been surreal. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm a father. I actually have a healthy, baby who is growing well, developing ahead of most babies his age and he's happy. Those are the things that are most important to me when it comes to my son.

In fact, he's always smiling. Almost every day he likes to get dressed up and take pictures with mommy. I think he enjoys it more than mom. People sometimes joke and say that we need to get him to a modeling agency. I'm actually for it, but mom isn't 100% on board...just yet!

I put together some of his best pics from birth until now. Let's just call this my son's unofficial model portfolio! Or to make mom feel a little better, I'll keep it less official lol. Here are my son's "Top Model" pics of his first 8 months.


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