Alabama's Worst Attraction Is...?

As a Florida native, I didn't even know Alabama had attractions. The thing is, I'm used to attractions being theme parks so I'm a bit different than Alabamians.

This was very interesting to see! According to this United States map, created by Matt Shirley, the worst attraction in Alabama is Helen Keller's birthplace. Shirley posted the map on his Instagram after polling his 392,000 followers on what they thought to be each state's worst attraction.

Matt Shirley posted the map saying " This map is made from answers from a poll on my IG story. I took the most popular answers and slapped them on a map so don’t blame me."

I'm not from Alabama, nor have I been here too long, so I can't say if this map is spot on when it comes to Alabama. I can say that my home state of Florida's answer is completely wrong. How could Disney be the worst attraction in the state?! It's Disney!

Matt Shirley posted a similar map on his page with the best attractions in each state. I loved the answer this time around because as a Floridian I could relate. The best attraction for the state of Alabama was the beach. Before moving here, I had no idea this state even had a beach. When I took my family to Orange Beach, it was honestly better than some beaches in Florida that I've been to. The water, the sand, the feeling was just so much better.

Don't come after the messenger if you don't agree with the worst attraction in Alabama. Head over to Matt Shirley's page on Instagram and take it up with him.

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