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"If It Had Not Been For The Lord"
Reading: Psalms 124:1-8
Take a moment and remember your entire past. Remember the tough times? The year of 2020 was a really rough year for millions of people due to the pandemic, financial hardships, lockdown, new schedules, politics and the social distancing. The new year is here and it brings a time of reflection on the moments of what you have endured and the promise of better in 2021.
Remember the moments you thought you would never get through? I am willing to bet that God came through. God came through in the form of keeping you afloat financially, giving you health and strength, paying bills, allowing you to have a job, and to have your family and friends during this global crisis.
King David thinks over God's mighty deliverance in his own life, and so should we.
Our enemies were mad at us, family against us, and friends turned their backs on us, and if not for the Lord it could have been over. Christians need to remember that our help is in the Lord. No matter what has happened remember you are here right now because of Jesus Christ.
Ask yourself the question "If It Had Not Been For The Lord, Where Would I Be?"

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