Motivational Moment
by Minister Chris King
"Be An Example"
Reading: Nehemiah 5:14-18
Black History Month is here and it is a significant time for all of us to look to the scores of African Americans who have paved the way and set good examples for us to follow. We are making Black History as we speak in our daily lives and the lives we live today will be a legacy for us to leave but only through example. Being a example in our words and actions is so vitally important as so many people are watching us in our homes, jobs, churches, government, families and in our relationships.
Nehemiah confronted a terrible injustice in the community. He minced no words when dealing with the guilty officials. He could speak powerfully enough to correct the situation because of the example he had set.
Take stock of the example you set in your home, your church, your school, and your job. Can you confront sin, injustice, and prejudice and set things right? God, the church, and our society need people whose life allows them to faithfully fill this honorable role of leading by example.
No matter who you are or what race you are we must set a good example to the human race in 2021. Many legendary people are passing the baton to us such as the late Hank Aaron, Cicely Tyson and many more. Will we take it and run?
Be an example today!
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