Over the last few years, many websites have adapted configurations to allow frequent visitors to post comments about the articles they've read. Some allow comments to be made from linking to one's Facebook account. Others allow users to create handles.

One site I've followed for quite some time ALWAYS has racist comments after particular stories. So, since I have over 3 decades of first-hand experience being black and being surrounded by black people, I thought I'd go ahead and put this out there.  AND I don't feel the need to hide my face (it's on our website as well as all of my social media) because I say EVERYTHING in truth and without the fear to cause me to hide my identity behind a keyboard.

Most black people I know.....

Since stories highlighting criminal activity are followed with comments such as "Typical,"  "What else did you expect?" or "Thug," I'll start right there.  Criminal activity is NOT typical for black people.  Most black people I know work AT LEAST one full time job to sustain themselves and their households.  Many times, they have at least one other job that they work part time to make up the difference between their pay from their full time job and their living expenses, which are generally based on the median income of a particular area. Of course, we have our degenerates that steal from their neighbors and family members.... A far cry from other degenerates who lead corporations and steal from the entire countries, those who keep their employees within marginal income tax brackets which keep them impoverished (or force them to take on secondary employment), those who operate Ponzi schemes, and let's not forget obtaining property via underhanded movements with ulterior motives.

Most black people I know are law-abiding citizens. They do their best to be upstanding contributors to society, not only because they don't want to appear inferior but also 1)because they feel as if they owe it to their ancestors who survived slavery, fought, and gave their lives for them to be afforded the rights of every other citizen, 2) they know that the justice system was not created to be fair to them; therefore, they attempt to avoid it, and 3) they don't have time for paranoia. Constantly looking over your shoulder WILL drive you insane. Now, I'm not talking about ALL black people, just most of the ones I know.

Most black people I know aren't violent. We value the lives of our brothers and sisters and do all that we can to assist one another.  That's MOST black people I know. However, yes, there are some who don't value the lives of others because society has taught them that their own lives are not of much value.  How can they value others when they don't value themselves? BUT let's keep in mind that when black people kill, they generally go on the run, turn themselves in, or even kill themselves.  What they "typically" don't do is kill their families, drive their children off cliffs, mutilate dead bodies, cut them up, or eat them!

Most black people I know don't live in filth. Because of the Christianity taught to our ancestors by others (thanks), most of us believe that God will not dwell in an unclean temple, whether that be our churches, our homes, our bodies, or our minds. Hence, the phrase "cleanliness is next to godliness." In fact, considering the fact that many maids in the post-Reconstruction era were black, it would be almost impossible to believe that these women would maintain the homes of others while disregarding their own.

Most black people I know don't depend on public assistance. Most black people are prideful and see assistance as meaning that they are unable to provide for themselves. There are more black people that COULD benefit from public assistance than there are those that actually accept it. Let's go here for a minute: In 2013, the US Census Bureau estimated 45,003,665 African Americans in the United States, meaning that 14.1% of the total American population of 316.1 Million is Black. According to the State of Working America, an estimated 27.4 percent (12,331,004) of the Black population is living in poverty. Yet, only 4,560,000-- about 37%, not of black people, but of those in poverty --are on welfare. Welfare statistics show that this 37% of the impoverished blacks is still less than 40% of 11,400,000 welfare recipients. The numbers of blacks and whites on welfare are almost even, although a greater percentage of black people are impoverished as opposed to  10% of the white population. So, depend on public assistance? No, MOST black people I know don't.

Most black people I know DO take pride in their appearance. That's why some will spend money they don't really have to spend on items they can't really afford.  They are not going to give anyone the opportunity to assume that they are less than human, deserving of the same treatment given to any fellow man. However, most black people I know either can afford their purchases or they go without small desires to save for larger desires. They may not take lavish vacations, go out to dinner regularly, or even go to the movies.  They learn to enjoy small breaks, savor the taste of home-cooked meals, and will wait for the movie to come on television so they may put that money aside for a home purchase or to fund continuing education. MOST would rather spend a few hundred on good undergarments than a few thousand on cosmetic surgery.

Most black women I know who enroll in secondary education do so because they strive for better lives.  They're not entering a program just to meet a man in that field so they can drop out and become homemakers.  Most black women I know are taught to never depend on a man who may or may not leave.  Therefore, they have their own careers. So that if said man decides to leave, the black women I know will have their own money.... And his if they so desire! However, most black women I know marry for love, not for comfort. They're taught that they are assets to their men, thus providing an increase in favor, which allows them to be both comfortable in living and happy.

Here's my point..... The media thrives on chaos and sensationalism. If it can make you think that the majority of any particular group partakes in any specific negative behavior, it will do that.  We've all heard the saying that no news is good news. So, if you only have so many pages or so many minutes to pass along the news, what news are you going to spread? The news you think will get the greatest reaction. It's not so much that black people behave worse than others; we just behave differently. One of our biggest faults is that we react to the situations we face rather than remove ourselves from them, which can be hard to do when you don't have the proper tools. It's easy to say that education is the way of escape if you've never been forced to educate yourself due to the fact that you have a prejudiced teacher who couldn't care whether or not you learn to survive, and you have a parent that isn't home because they're working to provide for the family.

However, there are some teachers who are in the classroom for more than just a check.  They genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed in life.  Many who already aren't paid well dig into their own pockets to provide certain needs of their students. They use the time they'd rather spend doing other things to grade papers and think of individual strategies to make sure their students grasp seemingly difficult concepts. But you don't hear about these teachers.  You hear about the ones that sleep with their students, a very rare occurrence indeed.... Well, rare in comparison to most of the black teachers I know.

(Oh, and if these are NOT the kinds of black people you know, you either don't know any black people personally..... Or birds of feather flock together.  So, you're just as trifling as those you know. Get it together and find better surroundings!)

THESE are typical black people.