According to Henry Hutcheson, president of Family Business USA, says a dollar spent at an independent retailer is usually spent six to 15 times before it leaves the community. From that $1, shoppers create $5 to $14 in value within that community. This is a good reason to spend your money locally.

It is said that when shoppers spend $1 at a national chain store, 80 percent of the money leaves town immediately. In addition according to Forbes, family businesses, which include a significant share of independent retailers, generate more than 50 percent of the U.S. Gross National Product (GNP). For these reasons, organizers have developed Independent Retailer Month, celebrated in July.

Let's make a concentrated effort to spend our money locally this month. Business owners, oftentimes you're not supported because no one knows of your business or the services you provide.  Feel free to comment with the name of your business and a brief description. Patrons, you are more than welcome to mention your favorite locally-owned businesses, as well.