COVID-19 has changed the scope of everything, from the way we shop to how we manage our children's education, and more.  Though the economy is in distress, small businesses are REALLY feeling the pain. Luckily, assistance is available.

For starters, the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama has a small business relief fund, available for those with 2-50 employees who meet other certain qualifications. Get the full list here.

In addition, there are state and federal funds available.  Today, there is a conference call, where federal officials will speak with leaders from our Chamber of Commerce concerning the CARES Act.

From the Chamber website:

Thursday, April 2nd 9:30 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and What It Means For My Business

The United States Senate unanimously passed the CARES Act and the House of Representatives is expected to pass it today. Once signed in to law by the President, it will provide economic relief to individuals and our nation’s business community. This conference call will be led by federal business advocates who have been engaged with this particular legislative process. They will explain what’s included in the CARES Act and what it means for your business.

Moore Hallmark – Southeast Region Executive Director, United States Chamber of Commerce
Allison Dembeck – Executive Director, Congressional and Public Affairs, United States Chamber of Commerce

Call Number:    1-888-537-7715 or 1-334-323-9858
Call Pin:            92072336#

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