It's not uncommon for those who are exposed to a particular activity for prolonged times to have altered realities that cause them to behave unusually, but this one takes the life outta you!

NBC News reports that a 23-year-old New Mexico man is said to have beaten his friend to death after watching episode after episode of "The Walking Dead." Damon Perry is said to have also consumed multiple 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor. Christopher Paquin, 23, allegedly tried to bite Perry, and Perry responded by beating him to death.  He then went on to harass other neighbors, chasing one woman with a knife!

He was eventually restrained until police arrived and has been arrested.

Now, many people will read this story and laugh, wondering how a man who watched a television show could make that a reality in his mind. It's the same as those who watch a number of reality television shows and then believe they know the characters in real life, those who think they're on the same financial level as certain celebrities because they invite them into their homes each week.... through television!  The level at which these stars' lives are emulated is the same at which this man killed his friend. Perhaps the visualization of the television makes these concepts more believable.  It might be time that we all turned off the tube and picked up a book.

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