Location, Location, Location

After food and water, shelter is the next most important thing for survival. In the modern homes are more than a place to protect us against the elements. They are places we grow up, raise families, and make memories Any property whose main purpose is not for business is tagged residential. Before buying real estate, it is very important to have an understanding of the process from the buyer's and seller's perspective. The actual sale of property may not appear important now, but later down the road you may sell to tap into its equity.

Buying and selling real estate (property) is a tricky business. Real Estate prices have dropped somewhat, and if you are attempting to sell, you must be careful as you deal. There are three(3) very important things to consider, location, location, location.

The same holds true of living for Jesus. Being aware of our location spiritually is critical if we are to experience success at navigating through the greatly devalued territory of our world. Know that we have been relocated by God's grace into the kingdom of Jesus make a big difference. His will should be our will and His ways become the pattern for all life and behavior.

When the temptations of the darkness from which we have been removed threatens His reign in our hearts, remember your new address: Colossians 1:13! Where Jesus is in charge there is No fear,No endless sorrow, no hopeless tears, No raging sea nor tempest dread, But quietness and calm.

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